MKBHD Talks about the End of LG Phones


Marques Keith Brownlee, the famous tech youtuber has made a video in which he discussed the reason LG had to shut down their Mobile division. In the video, titled “Why Did LG Phones Really Die?” MKBHD Talks about the end of LG Phones. According to Forbes, the South Korean electronics giant LG is exiting the smartphone business. The decision came after years of losses from the division. Now they want to focus on other growing businesses. The company announced on 2021/04/05, a decision that will leave a sizeable gap in the American smartphone market where LG is the third biggest brand after Apple and Samsung.

In the video, MKBHD talks about the influence LG had over the years on the Smartphone business and how the company started some great trends that can be seen in most of the smartphones even today. He also shared his own experience with the brand. He mentioned that one of his first smartphone review was that of a LG phone. Marques added that even though LG has come out with many interesting and risk taking features every year, they put little to no extra effort at marketing these phones. He explained that LG have not cracked the smartphone naming game. Their software experience wasn’t as good as expected either. The phones did not receive software update regularly.

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LG have made many technological breakthroughs with their phones. They have introduced many smartphone features to the competition but they did not have any money making phones. MKBHD pointed out their only successful models are G2 and G3 and they were released a few years ago.

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