Difference Between Panther and Jaguar


Panther and Jaguar are both big cats and great predators in their own way. However there are a lot of difference between these two magnificent animals. In this post, we will explore the difference between panther and jaguar.

Difference Between Panther and Jaguar
Jaguar (Left) and Panther (Right)

What are Jaguars

Jaguars are a family of big cats that are found in central and south America. They are the largest south American big-cats found mostly in the Amazon rainforest area. Their spotted body helps them hide in thick bushes and ambush their prey with great and agility.

One of the key characteristics of the jaguars are that they are good swimmers. Unlike many other big cats, jaguars are not afraid of water. This allow them to hunt near and in the water. Besides being good swimmers, they are also great climbers. They have a unique hunting method where they climb on a tree and wait for their prey. When the prey is within their range, they jump on the prey and kill it swiftly. Even Jaguar’s name derives from the Native American word “yaguar”. It means “he who kills with one leap.” (National Geography)

They are solitary animals. Most jaguars are orange with distinctive black spots. Some jaguars can be very dark and therefore they may appear to be spotless. They live alone and mark their territories by clawing trees or with their wastes.

What are Panthers

Unlike Jaguars, Panthers are not a distinct family of big cats but a sub family of Leopards and jaguars. They are separated from other big cats from the color of their fur that is usually black and spotless. So, panthers are basically a type of leopard, especially a black one. Their habitat stretches from Africa to Asia and even in parts of America.

They can live in wide range of habitats too- from tropical areas, green forests, to grasslands desserts and mountains. They are also solitary and nocturnal. Panthers usually rests on a tree all day and comes out to hunt at night. They are very quiet and cautious animals. They are also great at camouflaging with their dark brown fur.

Panthers are very powerful fearless and aggressive animals. They are also very territorial. Panther cubs are born blind.

Now lets look at some key Difference Between Panther and Jaguar in the table below-

Location: Can be found in Africa, Asia and AmericaLocation: Mostly found in central and south America.
Size: Slightly largerSize: Slightly smaller than Panthers
Color: Mostly black or dark brown. Color: Black Spotted Orange
Behavior: Nocturnal, Aggressive, PowerfulBehavior: Uses one leap to kill, Cunning, Good Swimmer

So, these are some differences between Panthers and Jaguars. Thank you for reading.

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