Get Started With Blogging-5 Easy Steps


Even though blogging may sound old and a thing of the past, if you do it right and put some effort, you can still make a decent amount of money and with all out effort blogging can still be a full time job. In this post, I’ll cover How to Get Started With Blogging in just 5 easy steps.

1. Buying Domain and Hosting for Your Website Choosing a Platform

This is the first step for creating any kind of website. For blogging you should buy a domain name that is relevant to the topic that you want to write about. Also, you should buy a top level domain for your blog. For Example: “.com” and “.net” . Another important thing to look out for is where you are buying Your domain from. You should always buy domain and hosting from well known sellers.

2. Get Started With Blogging – Choosing a Platform

Choosing a platform helps out a lot. In platforms like WordPress or Blogger you will find well optimized themes and plug-ins that will cut your work by 90% so that you can focus less on design and more on content creation. This website was built with WordPress and since I’m using a Pre-built theme, all I had to do is write this article. All the design work was done for me. Choosing a platform will also help you with SEO. we will get to that later.

You can read this article to get started with web-designing

3. Select a Niche For your Blog

Niche means a selected topic that you know a lot about and something that people are also interested in. A niche can be anything you can search for on the internet. for beginners, it is important to find a low competition niche meaning not a lot of people are writing about it but the topic have a decent amount of search volumes in popular search engines such as google.

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4. Write content Regularly

After setting up your blog following the steps mentioned above, get ready for writing. You should write new contents everyday at the beginning. If you are Planning on Applying for Adsense, you should write at least 15 long or 30 short articles. Your articles should be well written and grammatically correct. You can write content both in English or your native language.

5. Get Started With Blogging – SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. if you are a blogger, SEO is very important for getting any visitor. If your site does mot rank in search Engines, you wont get much visitors. SEO is such a great topic that I will cover it in a separate post. So keep an eye for that. You can read this article to get started with SEO.

These are your checklist before starting a blog. After you have successfully completed these 5 steps, it is time to focus on o these steps separately. such as, you might need to upgrade your hosting, select a different niche, write better content, improve your SEO skills. So, what are you waiting for? Happy blogging!


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