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If you want to find profitable niches with low competition for Affiliate Marketing, this is the right post for you. Learn how to find new topics for your next affiliate marketing project with these easy steps.

Find Profitable Niches with Low Competition

1. Use Google Trends to Find Profitable Niches with Low Competition

If you are not familiar with google trends, let us explain. Google Trends analyzes the popularity of Google search queries by taking into account factors such as location, date and language. The tool helps you understand how search queries and topics evolved in popularity over time. To discover new profitable niche with less competition, Google Trends is an ideal tool.

It shows you what’s trending right now, what things people are searching for on google with their search volume and location data. So, basically Google Trends is your destination to get a life time supply of fresh topics to work on.

2. Competitors research: search volume and difficulty

Competitors Research is a critical step if you are looking for a profitable niche with low competition. It can help you determine how hard it will be to compete in this sector and your chances of making any money. Without any research, if you chose a high competition niche to work on, it will take you longer to rank on google. So, it is necessary to do some competitors research before selecting a niche to work on.

However, a niche with virtually no competition is not useful either. your goal should be finding a niche with some competition but not something overcrowded already.

While doing a competitors research, you should consider metrics such as, Domain Authority, CPC, keyword difficulty and search volume. The easiest way to do these is to use a tool such as Semrush, Ahrefs or Moz. These tools can help you with SEO of your website too.

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3. Research Your Potential Traffic Sources to Find Profitable Niches

Before selecting a niche to work on, take some time to research the potential sources for it. Without an excellent source of traffic, you can’t expect a stable income. So, make sure to research the top websites and social channels that drives traffic to your niche before selecting it. Moreover, to do this you can use the tools we mentioned above. These tools will allow you to find out how much of the websites traffic comes from paid advertising, organic traffic, and social channels. Also, note which social channels are the most common for driving traffic in this niche. (

These three easy steps can help you find profitable niches with low competition. Hope you will find these information useful.


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